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Per Cramér


Per Cramér
Akademisk grad: Doktor,
031-786 5521

Rumsnummer: A610
Postadress: Box 650, 40530 Göteborg
Besöksadress: Vasagatan 1 , 41124 Göteborg

Juridiska institutionen (Mer information)
Box 650
405 30 Göteborg
Besöksadress: Vasagatan 1 , 411 24 Göteborg

Om Per Cramér

Per Cramér is full Professor of International Law and holds the Jean Monnet Chair in European Integration Law at the School of Business Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg. 

Since 2010 he is Dean for the School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg.

In his role as Dean he is active in the development of international academic networks for business schools and law schools such as EFMD, AAACSB and ELFA. His primary field of interest in this context concern issues related to academic quality and the societal responsibility of academia. He is, since 2015, a member of the EQUIS Accreditation Board and the AACSB International European Advisory Council.

Professor Cramér was director of the multidisciplinary Centre for European Research, CERGU 2005-2009 and is since a member of Centre’s steering committee. He is a member of the board of the Swedish Institute for European Policy Research, SIEPS and is a working member of the Royal Society of Arts and Sciences in Gothenburg. 

His main areas of research concern the external identity of the European Union with a special focus on the relationship between the Common Foreign and Security Policy and the Common Commercial Policy of the EU. In this context has initiated and conducted a number of research projects addressing legal aspects of the Union’s external relations. Professor Cramér has furthermore written a number of articles and book chapters on aspects of the constitutional development of the Union. 

Together with Sara Stendahl and Thomas Erhag, starting in 2006, he initiated and led a joint research project, financed by SKB, analysing the development of regulation for the handling nuclear waste and spent nuclear fuel in the EU. Furthermore, professor Cramér, in collaborating with professor Daniel Naurin, initiated and led a multidisciplinary research project on the effects of Member State observations submitted to the European Court of Justice within the preliminary ruling procedure. This project has been financed by the Bank of Sweden Tercentenary Foundation and was concluded in spring 2016. 

Ongoing research projects conducted by professor Cramér focuses on the legal effects of treaties concluded by the European Union and the interrelationship between international trade regulation and the negotiations on an multilateral agreement for limiting the emissions of green house gases. 

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  • International Law
  • European Law
  • Nuclear Law
  • WTO Law

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  • Brexit, Trumpism and the structure of the regulation for international trade, Jan/17 -


  • International Law
  • European Law
  • WTO Law
  • Theories o f international integration

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The Implementation of UN Sanctions – the case of Sweden
Per Cramér, O. Bring, G. Lysén
Gowlland-Debbas, V. (ed). National implementation of United Nations sanctions: a comparative study, Leiden, Martinus Nijhoff, Kapitel i bok 2004
Kapitel i bok


A European Constitution or not?
Per Cramér
The Post-Laeken Process in an Academic Perspective, Konferensbidrag (offentliggjort, men ej förlagsutgivet) 2003
Konferensbidrag (offentliggjort, men ej förlagsutgivet)

Recent Swedish Experiences of Targeted UN Sanctions, The Erosion of Trust in the Security Council
Per Cramér
Review of the Security Council by Member States (de Wet, E., Nollkaemper, A., eds.), Antwerpen, Intersentia, Kapitel i bok 2003
Kapitel i bok

Terrorismens återverkningar i Europarätten
Per Cramér
Europarättslig tidskrift, Artikel i vetenskaplig tidskrift 2003
Artikel i vetenskaplig tidskrift


Traktatskompetens inom Unionens andra pelare-en utveckling mot personlighetsklyvning?
Per Cramér
Festskrift till Ulf Bernitz, Stockholm, Jure, Kapitel i bok 2001
Kapitel i bok


Sverige och Ministerrådets beslut rörande EMU, ett exempel på rättslig/politisk pragmatism
Per Cramér
Europarättslig tidskrift, Artikel i vetenskaplig tidskrift 1999
Artikel i vetenskaplig tidskrift

Neutralitet och integration i ett dimhöljt säkerhetspolitiskt landskap
Per Cramér
Bernitz, Ulf; Gustavsson, Sverker; Oxelheim, Lars red: "Europaperspektiv 1999", Stockholm, Nerenius och Santérus, Kapitel i bok 1999
Kapitel i bok


EU:s rätt och folkens makt
Per Cramér
Stockholm, Fritzes, Rapport 1998

Neutralitet och europeisk integration
Per Cramér
Stockholm, Norstedts Juridik AB, Doktorsavhandling 1998


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