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Magnus Hoem Iversen

Breaking the ban: the role of political advertising on television in Norway

Political advertising as a genre exists at the center of the tension between market driven and democracy driven freedom of expression. Political advertising on television is banned in Norway. Still, there have been several instances of different actors breaking the law on broadcasting to get their message across. This paper examines the role of political televised advertising in the Norwegian context in the period 1995-2013. I argue that the use of these films has not had much persuasive influence in the traditional sense, as seen in the US-context. However, they have had an influence on debates, have led to changes in legislation, high-profile court cases, and not least have been means to attract attention and PR for TV-channels. Furthermore the films have led to fierce and frequent debates covering a range of topics: free speech, Americanization, money in politics, media policy and regulation et cetera.


Magnus Hoem Iversen is a PhD Candidate at the Department of Information Science and Media Studies at the University of Bergen, Norway. He is associated with the group for research into rhetoric and the research group of media use and audience studies. He is supervised by professors Jens Kjeldsen and Hallvard Moe. Iversen investigates political advertisements in film form in Norway - Their production, their content and their reception.
Contact: Magnus.Iversen@infomedia.uib.no

Sidansvarig: Christine Forssell|Sidan uppdaterades: 2015-06-30

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