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Katharine Sarikakis

Communication and Control: Freedom of speech in crisis Europe

This paper will address crude and indirect, structural and ideological factors in curtailing dissent and critical, non dominant narratives in the era of crisis in Europe and their impact on freedom of information. In particular, it discusses the ways in which the intersection of policy, practice and politics in the governance of media in Europe result in non pluralistic, homogenous contents with dangerous polarisations and restrictive public debates. The paper will look at two separate, yet interrelated media conditions: European presses narratives of the crisis and the role of Greek media landscapes in this narration, as two conditions that exemplify a process of accommodation and contextual variation of media as institutions.

The paper expands understandings of governance of media and free speech beyond clear to identify legal frameworks to consider intangible factors such as ideological underpinnings of media normativity as well as the broader institutional architecture of given societies.


Katharine Sarikakis is Professor of Media Governance at the University of Vienna.Her work involves the study of legal, policy and sociocultural dimensions of media and communication governance and currently she is working on a research monograph on Communication and Control. Core recent research areas are Crisis and the media, Copyright and Privacy as intersecting policies and their impact on liberties. www.sarikakis.info

Recent publications:
Sarikakis, K. & Rodriguez-Amat, J.R. (2014). Intellectual property law change and process: The case of Spanish Ley Sinde as policy laundering. First Monday 19 (3).

Lodge, J., & K. Sarikakis (2013). Citizens in ‘an ever-closer union’? The long path to a public sphere in the EU. International Journal of Media and Cultural Politics 9 (2), 165-181.

Sarikakis, K. (forthcoming, 2015). Digital rights management and rights licensing in the online music sector: A case for cultural diversity? In: E. Psychogiopoulou (Ed.), Cultural governance and the European Union. Protecting and promoting cultural diversity in Europe. Palgrave Macmillan.

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