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Hans-Gunnar Axberger

The Fourth Estate as a Constitutional Responsibility – Swedish Media Politics in the 21st Century

The development of the Internet has fragmentized mass media and is on its way to undermine media institutions that have served public interests for a very long time. Constitutional consequences will follow when the press cannot anymore – at least not to the extent we have gotten used to – deliver high quality information, engage in investigative journalism an provide qualified platforms for exchange of ideas. What – if any? – should be the political response? Sweden has a history of governmental subsidies aimed at economically weaker parts of the press industry – can measures of that kind be of use in the Internet Age? And how should the old ideas of Press Freedom, with roots in the era of the Enlightenment, be interpreted in the media landscape of today – are they still valid?


Hans-Gunnar Axberger, born 1952, is professor in constitutional law at Uppsala University. He was chairman of Presstödskommittén (the Press Subsidy Committee, a parliamentary commission that submitted its final report in 2013) and has recently published a book where he accounts for his experiences from that assignment, En misslyckad utredning – SOU 2013:66. Om politiken och tredje statsmakten (An unsuccessful investigation – SOU 2013:66. On politics and the third [fourth] estate).

Sidansvarig: Christine Forssell|Sidan uppdaterades: 2015-06-30

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