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Research relevance and impact

The overall research that is carried out by the group focuses on the societal challenges as brought on by the knowledge society. The group has a strong tradition of focusing on legal research related to tech, biotech, medicine and innovation. One of the new research areas within our group in 2018 focuses on the intersection between intellectual property law and cultural heritage law. The orientation towards the cultural and the creative aspects of intellectual property law is one of the areas that we have recently added to our research activity. Being primarily a centre driven by the challenges emerging from the knowledge society and this being captured primarily through intellectual property law our work covers all the traditional IP areas namely: patent, copyright, trademark, and design law.

Contracts innovation and contracts management also forms part of the research conducted by the group. Within this area we evaluate and analyse the legal conditions for research results to be managed as contract objects in early stage research and in collaboration between public and private actors. The role of contracts and contract structures as tools and building blocks for value creation are studied particularly focusing on biomedicine and biotech. This is a dynamic field that has moved from a product centred logic into a more network based logic and the development of digitisation. This is also connected to the more general work being conducted within the research group on digital innovation and the construction of the development and implementation phases of (open/network based) innovation.

Our research is funded by among others the Swedish Research Council, Vinnova, and Region West Sweden.

Sidansvarig: Christine Forssell|Sidan uppdaterades: 2018-12-03

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